Why is everybody so surprised that "scientists" have been lying, fudging data, covering up information, etc. in regards to the so-called man-made global warming? (Well, people who only watch the "mainstream media" may not even know about it.)

There should be no shock that this cover-up is going on. "Scientists" have been lying and distorting information about the theory of evolution for 150 years now. Keep in mind I've worked in academia for a number of years now; I know how they think. Peer-acceptance is a whole lot more important to these people than truth will ever be. And if saying the moon is a piece of blue cheese is what it takes to get accepted into the inner circle of the academic elite, then there aren't going to be many "moon is a piece of blue cheese" deniers out there. And especially if the government will give you money to continue your research into what kind of blue cheese the moon consists of.

The man-made global warming "theory" has been a hoax all along. That should have been obvious from the fact that the left-wing has been so admant in its support. As I've said before on this blog, the environmental movement is where the Marxists went after the fall of the Soviet Union--anti-capitalist, anti-free market, anti-industry, pro-big government socialism. All the Reds did was change colors--to Green.