The Awakening

             A lot of people are finally waking up to what modern liberalism and its subjective, atheistic morality is all about.  The question is, is it too late, and it almost certainly is.

             America was built by decent people—“Decent America,” I will call them.  These people were—are--honest, hard-working, moral, ethical people.  They have a conscience.  They aren’t perfect, of course, but they try to live good, clean, wholesome lives, with a sense of integrity, propriety, politeness, and honor.  That is obviously the kind of people a country wants.  But these folks also tend to be a little naïve.  It is hard for them to think in a different way, and it is especially hard for them to realize that there are people who do NOT think that way, that there literally exists humans who are totally amoral, with no sense of decency, fairness, or uprightness—people who have no virtue, no ethics, no conscience at all.  The “decent” mind rebels against thinking that way about others; there is just something in their mind that repudiates the idea that someone would deliberately, premeditatively lie—or worse--just for personal gain.  We know it happens; the history of liberalism, the left, in the 20th century is too close in time—the Nazis, the communists, the atheistic horrors that slaughtered dozens of millions of innocent human beings.  And history is full of such stories.  We know, intellectually, that to be the case, though our minds still have difficulty grasping the horror, the reality that humans could actually behave this way.

             But America is different, isn’t it?  Surely no one in America could think in such a fashion…

             The Awakening may be occurring.  Yes, it can happen in America because the exact same moral system--atheistic subjectivism—that actuated Hitler, Stalin, Mao, et al—underlies the American left, too.  And while the Democrats in America haven’t started killing people yet (that we know of), character assassination and “the end justifies the means” philosophy is certainly increasingly evident in their actions.  That has recently been evidenced in two major events.

             Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, was lying when he said somebody from Bain Capital called him and told him Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years.  Reid was lying, he knows he was lying, and everybody else (well, everybody but a liberal robot) knows he was lying, too.  “Decent America” asks, how can any virtuous, honorable human, with a conscience, do that?  A man who is supposed to be a leader in the country.  It doesn’t compute, but, the truth of the matter is, Reid has no conscience, he has no virtue, no honor—atheistic ethics teaches he should only have those qualities when necessary to accomplish his goals!  Then comes the utterly ridiculous SuperPAC ad about Romney killing some woman with cancer.  Even much of the liberal media chuckled at that one and exposed its utter falsehood.  But, interestingly, the President never repudiated that ad—never.  He said he didn’t authorize it, but he never did what he should have done and publicly announce that such an accusation was despicable, dishonest, and he would have no part in this kind of a deceitful campaign.  Obama never did that—and that speaks volumes about the kind of person Barack Obama is.  He, too, has no conscience, no virtue, no decency.  For purely political, personal reasons, he is taking a calculated risk here—that there are more stupid people in America who will believe these utterly contemptible lies than there are decent people who are revolted by them.  And he's probably right.  November will decide that.  The fact that it is even an issue demonstrates how far America has sunk into an immoral cesspool--that politicians would actually, deliberately try to appeal to such people.  But it's all about votes.  Winning at any cost.  That’s all that matters to Obama and the left.  The end justifies the means.

I say, “the end justifies the means” because that is exactly what they believe.  They will be “decent” when they can, because they want to fool Decent America into voting for them, if possible.  But, if danger threatens, if they see the possibility of defeat lurking, then they’ll do whatever is necessary to crush—and I mean crush--their opponents to secure victory.  You see, recently, Obama has been in some trouble politically.  The country is getting worse off and anybody with a brain can see it.  His policies have not succeeded in making the country better—they can’t, as I’ve pointed out before on this blog.  And so, there has been a lot concern on the left that he actually might not win a second term.  Liberals, right now, have the best man they have ever had in the Presidency.  Bill Clinton was ok, but he’s not near the radical that Obama is.  The left simply must have Obama re-elected; since they have no God, no heaven to look forward to, then he is their Messiah, he will bring Utopia to them—if only the brainless, hick conservatives would shut up and get out of the way, quit hindering the Messiah in his goal of establishing a “progressive” heaven on earth.  And so, with Obama reeling, anything goes—the vicious, lying attacks on Mitt Romney are only symbolic of the kind of people these liberals are.  Again, if we look at the 20th century (actually, one can trace the roots back to the French Revolution of the 1790s and its infamous guillotine), we can see the ultimate horrors of secular, leftist morality.  The left in America hasn’t been able to kill people yet—Americans can own guns, of course, and shoot back (Stalin said about his sheep, “We don’t let them have ideas.  Why would we let them have guns?”).  And again, Decent America—any decent mind—simply rebels against the idea, is horrified by the thought—“no, it couldn’t happen in America.  As immoral as Barack Obama is, he would never start killing people…”  I hope not, but I know history, I know atheistic morality, and it’s there in history—recent history—for anybody to see.  As Sartre, Dostoevsky, and others have noted, “if there is no God, then everything is permitted.”  Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the leadership of the Democratic Party have absolutely no decency or conscience at all.  They will do whatever it takes to win because, to them, life is not about getting to heaven; the only heaven there will ever be is the one we create on earth.  And they know how to do it!   And it’s only George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Republicans, and backwoods Southern hayseeds that are preventing it from happening.

Of course, it’s only fair to point out, that, to a limited degree—or maybe not—the tactics being used by Obama, Reid, et al, against Romney are the same tactics he used against Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum in order to secure the Republican nomination in the first place.  Just like Obama is doing now, Romney gambled.  He surmised that, once he won the nomination, those people who were appalled by his slanderous attacks on Gingrich, et al, would line up behind him anyway, because the alternative—Obama—was horrifyingly worse.  But Romney is in a quandary now.  If he plays the same kind of despicable game that Obama is playing, and starts throwing mud and slime, he risks losing the Decent America vote; they’ll just stay home, being utterly disgusted at both candidates.  And, of course, if Decent America doesn’t vote, Romney hasn’t got a prayer of winning, because Obama has the stupid-immoral vote wrapped up.  Romney must stay above the fray or he risks losing his base.  But because Romney, at one point, was willing to use the mud-slinging tactics, we do get an exposure of his character, hypocritical at best.  What do we want in the Presidency—a hypocritical Mormon or a lying atheist?  Not much of a choice, frankly, though it would be impossible for the Republicans to find a candidate worse than Obama.  Romney needs to win, but only because the alternative is too terrifying to contemplate.

But what this shows, as much as anything else, is the wisdom of the American Founding Fathers.  They didn’t trust any politician and never intended for any human being to have the kind of power and control American politicians now have.   We have, as always, ignored history and its wisdom, and we will be destroyed because of it.

Many in Decent America might finally be waking up to what liberalism, atheistic subjectivism, and the intellectual leadership in the Democratic Party really are—a movement and people with no honor, no virtue, no conscience.  I only shake my head in frustration that it is taking so long for so many to see it.  The Bible, as always, is spot on, telling us that there are people who are “past feeling, have given themselves over to lewdness, to work all uncleanness with greediness” (Ephesians 4:19), who consciences have been “seared with a hot iron” (I Timothy 4:2).  In a way, if one can look at it from a God’s-eye view, it is fascinating to watch history lessons and Biblical truth being—again—so accurately played out.  It’s just a shame that so many human beings will—again—have to suffer because of it.  But, we mock God at our own peril.