Romney's VP

             Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for VP is a good one, maybe the best choice of all.  Ryan is young, smart, and conservative.  He made mincemeat of Obama’s rather outrageous claim that Obamacare wouldn’t add to the deficit.  Romney is/was a good businessman, and Ryan is probably the best budget-brain on Capitol Hill.  Together, they would most likely do a pretty good job in getting some kind of handle on the government economic disaster.  Perhaps Ryan’s only problem is he is so smart that the, um, economically unenlightened people of America—their name is Legion, of course—will never understand his explanations.  That could hurt in the upcoming campaign.  But the Romney-Ryan ticket is a solid one, from an economic standpoint, light-years ahead of Obama-Biden, of whom it would be hard to find two men less qualified.

              The major hitch, though, is that America’s principal problem is not economic, it’s moral.  The moral degradation underpins the economic chaos, and until there is a serious character transformation in the American people, there will never be any real progress towards a better nation.  It doesn’t matter what kind of government a country has; if the country is full of sorry people, it’s going to be a sorry country, and America, right now, is a sorry country or it never would have elected Barack Obama in the first place (not to mention Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, etc.).   I don’t know what anybody can do to improve American character.  That has to come from within the people and that doesn’t appear very imminent.

              We will find out, immediately, if Paul Ryan is considered a good choice or not.  The "mainstream media" will tell us by how severerly they rip into him.