How About "Occupy Hollywood"?

Here are some income figures for last year:

Oprah Winfrey--$290 million;
Tyler Perry--$130 million;
Jerry Bruckheimer--$113 million;
Lady Barf, I mean, Gaga--$90 million;
Howard Stern--$76 million.

The top CEO owner was Gregory Maffei of Liberty Mutual at $87 million.  Oracle's Lawrence Ellison earned $68 million, and McKesson's John Hammergren pulled in $24 million.  The average for the top 10 CEOs was $43 million, in comparison to the top 10 celebrities who averaged over $100 million.  (And, thanks again to Walter Williams for this information).

Why aren't the Hollywood millionaires being demonized instead of corporate CEOs?  Is that a question that I need to answer?

Obama and the liberals are certainly not going to bite the hand that feeds them.  Especially when the immoral rot that Hollywood pours out is exactly what liberals believe in.  Nobody attacks their own religion.