Current Event Ramblings, October 29

A couple of quick hits.  It's been a busy week:

Prediction:  there will be some violence in the streets in America before the 2012 election.  The "Occupy Wall Street" movement has gone nationwide, though not with overbearing strength, and there has already been some minor clashes in the streets.  There will be more because that's what the radical left does.  They have no moral standards, except the contingency of the moment.  Contrast that with the peacefulness of the Tea Party protests of a couple of years ago.

Herman Cain is holding his own near the top of the Republican polls and so the media is starting to go after him.  I said it would happen.  Any time a conservative candidate shows any lingering popularity, the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party, aka, the "mainstream" media will do all they can to destroy him or her.  They did it with Sarah Palin, of course.  After Michelle Bachmann won an early straw poll, they took after her.  Immediately after Rick Perry's entrance, and rise, he got lobotamized.  Now it's Herman Cain's turn, because he's remained at, or near, the top of the polls.  It's what liberals do--try to destroy reputations.  They've been doing it for a long time.

The seventh game of the World Series is going on as I write this.  The Rangers are trailing, 3-2, in the 4th inning.  They had their chance to win it--twice--last night, and couldn't get it done.  Nobody to blame but themselves if they end up losing it.  We'll see what they are made of over the last few innings.