Bin Laden's Death

It's unbelievable.  Not that Osama bin Laden is dead.  Everybody dies at some point, and probably all that will happen is that Al-Qaeda will simply raise up somebody to put in his chair.  It would be nice if this were the end of that terrorist organization, but don't count on it.

No, what's unbelievable is the apparent glee that liberals have over his death, precisely because it happened on Barack Obama's watch.  Obama had nothing to do with it, of course, except he had the sense to leave the troops THAT GEORGE BUSH SENT in Afghanistan so that they could continue the war against terror.  Obama campaigned long and hard about how he was going to get our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan--"yeah, yeah, yeah," the liberals echoed, "why are our boys dying over there?"  I've heard liberals say let's pull the troops out immediately, regardless of the consequences.  But now...Obama is a great military leader because bin Laden is dead.  Barack Obama has been such an incredibly inept President that his sycophants are panting for anything--anything--they can find to give him credit for.  Even when this is really George Bush's kill.  But they aren't going to give Bush credit for anything.  Rather praise God than George Bush. 

We're all glad that bin Laden is dead, though again, it remains to be seen how effectual this is in emasculating Al-Qaeda.  It happened when Obama was President, and it is the nature of things for the sitting President to take the credit--or get the blame--for things he really had very little to do with.  Yet, again, Obama has kept our troops over there.  It's his military action now just like it's his economy now.  But he didn't start the former and he hasn't helped the latter. 

Yet, let the liberals have a gasp of fresh air.  They haven't had one since Obama was elected.