Current Event Ramblings, April 22

I just finished a busy week here.  We finally had some adult students, so it was a much more enjoyable week.  Next week, some high school students are coming from a major foreign language institute here in Korea and their English is supposed to be very good, so that should be a good week.  The following week I'm on vacation.  I'm not sure what I'll do yet; probably nothing.  I'm pretty good at that.  I want to do some writing, I just hope I feel like it.

I had an interesting discussion yesterday with some of the students who were here.  They asked me if I thought the American military ought to remain in Korea.  I told them that I wish we'd go home.  The United States is trillions of dollars in debt and is going to have to start cutting back somewhere, some time, and priorities must be arranged.  Interestingly, the students wanted the U.S. military to stay; they fear China, not North Korea.  I still don't think China wants a war; why should they when they are purchasing America piecemeal by owning so much of our debt?  I also mentioned to them that, at some point, the South Koreans are going to have to stand on their own two feet and defend their own country.  They understand that.  But it is as difficult to wean people from international welfare as it is to wean them from national welfare, and the U.S. has poured--and does pour--a lot of money into this country.  Why would they want us to leave?  I don't expect it will happen any time soon.

I read the other day that the American foreign welfare spigot showered $25 million into Libya.  What on earth for?  I thought Obama was going to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and cut out all this involvement around the world.  Ah, well, what's 25 million bucks when you're already trillions in debt?  I also read there is talk that NATO--and the United States is part of that organization, of course--might send ground troops into Libya.  Is Ghaddafi really that big of a threat to us?  At least Iraq has oil...oil we wouldn't need if we would drill in our own country.  Well, I've been there before so I won't go back.

Obama says he was born in Kenya (he's said it more than once, just YouTube it).  His wife said that Kenya is his home country.  The Kenyans say he was born in Kenya.  He's produced no valid American birth certificate (well, he can't if he wasn't born in the United States).  But the liberal media says he was born in America, so that's all that matters.  Frankly, I don't care where he was born; he's President, and if he did, for some reason, resign, we'd have Joe Biden in the office.  That's better? 

But yes, Obama--and Biden--need to be removed from office because their policies are wrong.  They are in opposition to moral and economic law, and are accelerating the decline of the United States economy and the principles of frugality, virtue, self-worth, and industry that are necessary for individuals--and countries--to succeed.  It's probably already too late for the United States.  That the country would elect Barak Obama to the highest office in the land (after having twice elected that lying, adulterous cur, Bill Clinton) is a fair indication of how far America has degenerated.  But that degeneration is exactly what Obama and the liberal, secular elite want, because then, the degenerate will look to them for direction and support.  And it is that power that the secular left wants.  People who take care of themselves don't need government, and that is the very antithesis of the modern liberal philosophy, which defines "progress" as more government.  I will fully admit that a certain amount of government is (unfortunately) necessary to protect freedom.  But I also insist there comes a point when government ceases to be the protector of freedom and becomes the purloiner, thus enemy, of it.  The modern left is no friend of freedom, with the notable exception of sexual freedom, which is no freedom at all.  For, as Thomas Jefferson said 200 years ago, a person who denies, rejects, and does not abide by moral (i.e., God's) law will eventually become enslaved to his own passions.  And such a person will almost invariably turn to government for help.  Dependence upon government is not freedom, folks.  But it is exactly what the liberal left wants.  Abortion...AIDS...out of wedlock births and the resultant many trillions of tax dollars have been poured into these monuments of liberal "morality"?  Tax dollars, incidentally, earned by, and then forceably taken from, hard-working, decent, self-disciplined people.  Yeah, let's have more "progress."  Reader, never, never forget that virtue, hard work, self-reliance, self-control, frugality, religion, and the family and the greatest enemies of liberalism.  Because people who have those qualities and honor those institutions do not need government, and hence, do not need a secular, liberal elite telling them how to live.

When was the last time you heard a politician--any politician--talk about the need for a virtuous citizenship?  You haven't heard it, and you won't hear it, because a virtuous citizenry would put the modern professional politician out of a job.