Current Event Ramblings, May 26

Did the Obama administration offer Joe Sestak a job not to run against Arlen Specter in the recent Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primary?  Probably.  He said they did, and he has no reason to lie about it.  If the Obama people did offer Sestak a job, it's a criminal offense.  Obama certainly would have known about it, but rumors are floating that he may throw Rahm Emanuel under the bus to save his own hide.  The story will get hot, however, only if the liberal media smells some Pulitzers in it, so don't expect much action on the matter.  Democrats will certainly rally around their Messiah.

The BP oil spill. Even the liberal press is beginning to question the Obama administration's incompetence in the matter.  Nobody, of course, is pointing out that the Constitution nowhere gives the federal government the right or authority to intervene in such disasters.  Our Founders knew that such was not the purpose or nature of government and that, if such involvement took place, government would only screw things up and almost assuredly make things worse.  You don't break eggs with a sledge hammer, folks, that's not what its for.  And you don't use the federal government to solve catastrophes.  Government is the nationalization of force, and force is not benevolence or repair.  The only thing government can do in this situation is tell BP they will blow up the oil company if they don't get the leak fixed--and government could do that very well, because the one thing government is VERY good at is destroying things (people, economies, countries, etc.).  Don't criticize Obama for something government isn't given the authority to do (in our Constitution) and is constitutionally incapable of doing.  We should have learned that lesson with Katrina (government caused the disaster in the first place), but very few people ever learn anything from history.

The Houston Astros are in last place and have the worst record in the National League.  I'm probably the only person who cares.  I don't even think the players do.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure I do, either.