Current Event Ramblings, May 25

I haven't done a lot on this blog recently, mainly because I've been working mostly on my Bible blogs.  But this is, by far, my most popular blog (check the numbers at the bottom), so I reckon I'll bless my readers with more of my wisdom and less of others.

A few thoughts on today's news:

--The Dow is down (as I write this) by almost 120 points, below 10,000.  This is either a correction to a too-rapid rise over the past year or so, or more than likely, fear that the failed socialist economies of Europe might drag the U.S. down with them, especially if Obama and Congress keep spending like a drunken sailor.  This spending, folks, is NOT by accident; it is completely deliberate and designed to destroy the American capitalistic economy so that we'll have to turn to government for our salvation.  It's what Obama, Pelosi, et al believe, and they are doing it on purpose.

--Report is that Obama is going to send 1,200 troops to the border.  Finally he does something the Constitution authorizes him to do.

--North Korea and South Korea are threatening to go to war.  Won't happen.  We won't let it.  We'll kiss North Korea's feet and tell the southerners to cool it.  Some day, the South Koreans are liable to tell us to go fly a kite and decide to try to unite their country by themselves.  I wonder if anybody will care.

--Oops, Dow just shot up to over 10,000.  Maybe I ought to wait till it closes before I write this.  Well, you can check it out yourself.  The Euro is dropping again, Newsweek said we did a good thing in bailing out Greece (I mean, we've got all kinds of money to waste, don't we), and apparently Obama is going to let the queers take over the military.  What a country.  And before I finished this paragraph, the Dow dropped under 10,000 again.  This yo-yo act is not good...