The Racist, Bigoted, Homophobic, Terrorist Tea Party Movement

Folks, when you can’t answer somebody’s arguments, you have two options. One, scream as loud as you can so that you can (hopefully) drown out your opponents so that nobody can hear them, or two—and most effective—attack their character. Both of these methods are as old as man, but the second one is the most commonly used. The idea is that if you can find some imperfection or character flaw in the messenger, that (somehow) frees the listener from any obligation to believe or do what the messenger is teaching. Read the New Testament and see how often the Jews attacked Jesus’ character; they certainly couldn’t defeat His arguments.

This second tactic is the one being used—with limited effect, it seems to me—against the current “tea party movement” in America. Even that paragon of moral virtue, Bill Clinton, (pardon my sarcasm) has recently spoken out, fearing that the tea party folks, or those who endorse and support them, might incite violence among the more extreme elements of that movement. There are indeed some kooks and nuts among the tea party protesters; after all, some people from California have joined in, and maybe even some Yankees. But there are kooks and nuts that grab hold of any popular idea, hoping to gain some attention for themselves. But the suggestion that the tea party people, as a whole, are racist, bigoted, homophobic, and terrorists is absurd to the nth degree. These are normal Americans who are sick and tired of what is happening in Washington, D.C. And their name is Legion.

Barack Obama, not surprisingly to anyone who knows a smattering of history and understands liberalism as a political philosophy, is, by far, the most radical president this country has ever had. And he, along with fellow radicals Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed, are determined to take this country down a road to greater government control and intervention in the lives of the American people (I will suggest, however, that Pelosi and Reed, neither of whom has indicated that they have the least bit of intelligence or common sense, might simply be what Vladimir Lenin called “useful idiots”). Vast numbers of American people still believe that this country should be what it started out to be—a nation of limited government, individual rights and responsibilities, low taxation, and conscientious, honorable, virtuous leaders. That’s the debate that is going in the United States right now—are we going to have a European-style, cradle-to-grave social system where the government controls virtually all aspects of our lives—which is what Obama wants—or are we going to stay as faithful to our roots as possible—which is what the “tea party” people (and conservatives) desire? The tea party folks are winning the debate; Obama and his policies are increasingly unpopular, and even the Democrats expect to take a shellacking in the upcoming November elections. So, since they cannot answer the arguments against an all-powerful government that they desire, the Obama administration and their lap dogs in the major media are attacking the character of the tea party dissenters—they are racist, bigoted, homophobes, and especially, the fear that they are going to encourage violence to break out among the more extreme elements of the movement. These charges are utterly ridiculous, and it simply shows the desperation Obama and his lackeys feel. It’s nice to see.

But let’s take a look at the “incite violence” argument. Is it possible that the ideals and opposition that the tea party movement stand for will encourage some to acts of aggression and destruction? It isn’t impossible; again, there are fringe element psychos among every political ideology, and the more the leftist “intelligentsia” succeeds in undermining Christian morality and the foundations of human decency in this country, the more these psychos will appear. But let’s keep in mind that, over the past century, the vast, vast majority of political violence has come from the left; there have never been greater murderers in human society than the socialistic communist and Nazi movements. The death toll in the former Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea, and other communist dictatorships is staggering—well over 100 million people, who were massacred, not for what they had done, but simply because of who they were and what they believed. And, of course, there were the Nazis who threw 25 or 30 million other bodies onto the pile. The left has long tried to peg Hitler and the Nazi as a “right wing” movement, but the term “Nazi” stands for “National Socialism,” and socialism has never been considered “right wing”—except by leftists who control the academia and media and don’t want their socialistic ideals tainted by Hitler and his equivalent economic views.

It is the left, folks—Obama cronies like Bill Ayers—and not grandma and grandpa in the tea party movement—that scares me. Conservative people tend to be more religious and restrained by the morality of their religion. The left has no religion but victory at any cost—and again, the 20th century is the consummate example of that. There are indeed right-wing nuts like Timothy McVeigh and they are dangerous. But they are nuts and their chances of gaining power are microscopic to less-than-none. But Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pol, Kim Il-Sung, Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh—the greatest mass murderers in human history—were all leftists, socialists, non-believers who had no moral restraints. Thankfully, those kind of men could not come to power in America—yet.

And the reason they couldn’t gain power yet in the United States is…the decent Americans like those who are involved in the tea party movement.

The left demagogues—it has, too, because it has history, logic, decency, and morality against it. When one of your leading spokesmen is Bill Clinton, you have scraped the bottom of human depravity. Adolf Hitler once said, "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think."  Let’s only hope that, in America, Hitler is wrong. Otherwise, we may end up like Nazi Germany—with dead bodies piles up by the millions. And it won’t be the tea partyers doing the piling.