The Arizona Anti-Immigration Law

It’s a good law. It isn’t perfect, but then, nothing man does is. The point is, something needed to be done and the state of Arizona did it. Americans, in overwhelming numbers, support the law. Not surprisingly, the major media and “intellectuals” don’t. And we have another example of the polar divisions that have become the United States of America.

Arizona acted because the federal government—which, Constitutionally, has the responsibility to protect this country from illegal foreign invasion--wouldn’t. And the federal government wouldn’t do anything because it is, and has been for many years, controlled by liberals, who, by and large, reproach this country and blame it for all the earth’s ills. In the liberal’s fairy land existence, the United States has ruthlessly exploited the planet, plundered the rest of the world, and gotten wealthy by making other people poor. Thus, we owe mankind repayment for what we have so callously snitched from them. This means that when immigrants come into America, even illegally, we should take care of them, provide for them, educate their children, give them free health care, etc., etc., etc., because we got rich by taking all of those things away from them in the first place. How dare we try to run them off? Such is simply more evidence of the cold-hearted, selfish, capitalistic pigs who dominate this country and want to keep all of the world’s wealth for ourselves. Pro-illegal immigration is simply one more way that liberals want to “spread the wealth.” It’s welfare for the world, or for anybody who can get here, whether legally or not.

This doesn’t sell to most Americans who are tired of paying taxes to support people who are breaking our laws. That’s just common sense to anyone who has any, so we simply have one more evidence of the vapid, empty philosophy that is modern liberalism.

Just keeep in mind that, for the liberal elite, the Arizona law has nothing to do with "racial profiling" and everything to do with keeping that law (and federal laws on immigration) from being enforced.  The "sheep" that follow them--Lenin's "useful idiots--aren't wise enough to perceive that, but that's all the better for the elites. 

But, except for understanding the above about liberalism, I really wonder what the stink is. Giving the police the right to check suspicious-looking people who might be breaking our laws doesn’t seem outrageous to me. Indeed, if I were a legal immigrant—paying taxes that supported illegal immigrants—I wouldn’t mind at all if the police checked my ID; if I’m here legally, I’d have nothing to worry about. Let’s just suppose that I was living and working—legally—in the country of Ghana. The vast majority of people in that country are black, of course. And let’s further suppose that, for whatever reason, there began to be a mass immigration of white Americans into Ghana, millions of them illegally. And these white Americans took jobs from native Ghanans, soaked up tax dollars through various social services that they weren’t legally qualified for, committed numerous heinous crimes, and began to be a serious drain on the economy of that country. And let’s further suppose that Ghana decided to crack down on “illegal white immigration,” and gave their police the authority to stop any suspicious-looking white person to see if they were breaking the law by being in the country unlawfully. Well, I’m not a terribly suspicious-looking fellow, but what would I care if I was stopped and checked? I have legal papers and there is nothing they could do to me. Indeed, if I were paying taxes to Ghana that were being used to support white law-breakers, I would want Ghana to boot the parasitic, criminal, teat-suckers out of the country. Am I really a psycho for thinking that way?

Perhaps the Hispanics who are legally in the United States—and I have no problem with those who are, especially those who are trying to assimilate by learning our language and working for a living—could help the state of Arizona, and the rest of the country out, by directing authorized personnel to those Hispanics who aren’t here legally. Hey, La Raza (“The Race,” for those of you who don’t speak Spanish, but it’s not a racist organization, oh, no, of course not, only whites can be racists), if you don’t like the Arizona law, help get the illegals out of the country and there won’t be any need for the law.

But Al Gore will be right about something—anything!—before that happens.