Where Do They Find These Guys?

I've got to admit, I feel pretty lousy today.  And when I get to feeling this bad and need a good laugh to help me out a bit, all I need to do is find some liberal journalist somewhere and he's sure to say something utterly moronic to give me a good chuckle.

Found an article entitled "Governors Brace for More Economic Turmoil."  The left-wing media has been trying to tell us for months that the economy is coming back...coming back...coming back...when anybody with half a pea-sized brain knows it isn't.  But they've got to make their guy Obama look good, so give him credit for something that isn't happening and hope the wool can be pulled over enough eyes, like what happened in 2008 when the people of this country, plagued with a collective case of rampaging psychosis, put a man with less qualifications than Winnie the Pooh into the Oval Office.

So, the media tries to put a good spin on the economy.  But, occasionally....well, here's a quote from the article:

"While the national economy has grown in recent months, the situation is deteriorating in the states."

.............Do what?

I'm not Milton Friedman, so can somebody explain to me how the national economy "has grown" when the sitiuation in those 50 states that make up the national economy is "deteriorating"?  Maybe the economy in Rhode Island is lifting the national statistics.

And then this jewel of wisdom from the same article:

"There seemed to be unanimous agreement that job creation was the key to recovery in states."

Well, I do declare.  I thought for sure that we could get out of this economic recession without creating one single new job.

Where do they find these guys that write this stuff? 

Incidentally, after I had a couple of good laughs reading those two quotes, I sank back down into despair when I read the following.  This is from Ohio governor Ted Strickland:

"We need the administration and the Congress, members of both parties, to work to make sure a robust jobs bill is passed as quickly as possible so we can start seeing the benefits."

Where are my anti-depressant pills?  Hand me a couple of aspirin, too. Governor Strickland, if we are dependent upon the people who got us into this mess to get us out of it, then this country is in sad, sad--I would say "hopeless"--condition.  Particularly if our people keep electing politicians like you...