There Will NOT Be A One World Government!!!

I'm having a lot of people send me stuff about the loss of American sovereignty, what Copenhagen will do, that if Obama signs the treaty a one world government is just a step away....

Balderdash and poppycock. Folks, there will be no One World Government. Chill. It will not happen.

Yes, I have seen Lord Monckton's speech at Monmouth College (I've watched it twice). Yes, I have no doubt that Barack Obama would sell American sovereignty down the river at the drop of a hat; I mean, the man is nothing more than a Third World African dictator whom the American media was able to swindle the people into electing President of this country. So yes, by and large, Barack Obama hates this country (or at least what it has stood for for 200 years) and would love to transfer its wealth to much of the rest of the world. And yes, the United Nations bureaucrats slobber and drool at the thought of running the whole world and telling every country what to do.

But it ain't gonna happen. A one world government is a dream leftist utopians have had for a long time but one that will never see reality. Why?

Number one, do you really think the Chinese or the Russians are going to surrender their sovereignty to the United Nations or some other bureaucratic entity? They would NEVER do that--unless they controlled it. And if the Chinese controlled it, the Russians would never be a part of it. And visa versa. Then, what about the Muslims? There is absolutely, positively no way those people are going to submit to an atheistic, secular government trying to control their lives, denying Allah, and telling them what they can do. How many hundreds of millions of Muslims are there in the world? Try to set up a one world system and there will be hundreds of millions of Osama bin Ladens, one crawling out from under every rock. Afghanistan on a global scale, and I know who wouldn't win that one.

Further, how is this "one world government" going to enforce its decrees? "Power comes out of the barrel of a gun," Mao said. This imagined one world government will only be as strong as the military it can call forth. Will the United States military be willing to support that government? Not on your life, at least not while any of the people reading this are alive. Our men and women join our armed forces because they love and want to defend the United States, and they aren't about to die to protect the very thing their fathers fought against. The Chinese aren't going to fight for anything that isn't in their interest, nor are the Russians....nor are the Muslims. It isn't going to happen.

The key is this: our world is simply too heterogeneous for its people to ever agree on one head. Every country, kindred, and tribe have their own interests, needs, desires, goals, beliefs, traditions, cultures, languages, and purposes, and those will never be the same for all of mankind. The only possible way a one world government could exist is through sheer brute force--compelling people into a system they don't want to be in. And I ask again, what military force in this world would--or could--do that? Not even ours, and we'd never consider it. Oh, Barack Obama might, he'd love to be Emperor of the World. But I can tell Mr. Obama something that he probably already knows--the United States military hates his guts and they aren't going to follow him down the yellow brick road to a mythical Oz where he sits on the throne terrorizing everybody. And robbing the American people of the freedoms they've enjoyed for centuries.

There is only one way Barack Obama could ever get this country to surrender to a one world system--he would have to abolish the National Rifle Association and kill countless millions of Americans who would unequivocally die before they gave up their right to be free. Good luck, Barack. I have a feeling you'd be one of the first to get buried.

Now, the European people might go along with a one world system. They've been spineless and gutless--and useless--since the end of World War II and have basically laid down and surrendered their freedoms to their governments in exchange for cradle-to-grave security. They want security, not freedom. Freedom means risks; security means dependence. The Euros have opted for the latter. I'll bet their fathers and grandfathers, who fought and died in two horrendous world wars, would be ashamed of the way their sons have given up their liberties to government bureaucrats. But there's no need to worry about Europe; that bunch of snivelers are afraid of their own shadows.

So get off the "one world government" kick. There are enough dragons to slay without inventing mythical ones.