"Barack Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize"

As many of you know, I suffer from bi-polar 2 clinical depression. I've had it for several years and I've tried about everything and I can't conquer it, so I just live with it the best I can. Given this depression problem, I don't laugh a whole lot because I don't feel much like it.

But when I read the above headline--"Barack Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize"--I'll admit, I got a good chuckle out of it. Thanks, Prez. Oh, and you, too, you bliterthing idiots in Norway.

My second reaction, as I'm sure it was for millions of people, was, "He got the Peace Prize?? For WHAT?"

The man has done nothing for the peace of the world; all he's done is read speeches written by somebody else. In fact, if anything, he's made the world more deadly by buddying up with dictatorial hooligans like Hugo Chavez, winning the praise of Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, and Muammar Khadafy, thereby giving these extremely perfidious men credibility in the eyes of too many people. Obama has weakened Eastern Europe and strengthened a rapidly more belligerent Russia by not placing deterrent missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic, and he has this insane idea that all the totalitarian governments of the world will give up their nuclear weapons if we will. And he apparently believes he can talk with a modicum of intelligence and diplomacy with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a man who understands nothing but strength and power. Since when has naivety been worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize?

Folks, Neville Chamberlain certainly did not deserve a Nobel Peace Prize (and he didn't win one) when he appeased Adolf Hitler at Munich in September, 1938. But he sure earned the accolades of the "intelligentsia" of the world. For a year. Unbelievably, there are actually people who still believe that Chamberlain should have been given the award.

If anybody deserves a peace prize, it would be George Bush. He removed from power one of the most dangerous men in the world, which has given the Iraqi people an opportunity to choose their own government. The thugs of the world knew that, if they attacked the United States, they would pay for it. Bush kept Osama bin Laden on the run for eight years, didn't coddle dictators, and didn't kiss the UN's feet. That merits a peace prize far more than anything Obama has done, which is nothing.

But George Bush knew that he was President of the United States. Barack Obama thinks he is President of the World and shmoozes up to other world "leaders" by condemning his own country and praising those who threaten the very peace Obama is recognized for.

Hitler once said--and it's one reason he was able to rise to power--"There are no end of stupid people in the world." And, the tragic and scary thing is, too many of them are in positions of power and influence.