According to the United States Government....

....people who love freedom are terrorists.

The Department of Homeland Security (perhaps George W. Bush's biggest mistake) recently released a study which defined the following people as terrorists (based upon Profiles of Perpetrators of Terrorism, a 2011 study by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, whoever they are...).  Anyway, these frightening folks are "terrorists": 

--Americans who believe their “way of life” is under attack;
--Americans who are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”;
--People who consider themselves “anti-global” (presumably those who are wary of the loss of American sovereignty);
--Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”;
--Americans who are “reverent of individual liberty”;
--Americans who are opposed to killing unborn babies.
Why should anybody be surprised that government thinks that people who believe in freedom are "terrorists"?   Government, intrinsically, is opposed to freedom.  The very purpose of government is to limit freedom.  That's what laws do--limit freedom.  In some cases, that is a good thing, of course.  We don't murderers having the "freedom" to murder.  But, even with that, the laws against murder limit the murderer's freedom to murder!  Every law passed by government, in some way, limits freedom.  Again, in many instances, that's what needs to be done.  But giving government the power to pass laws that restrict freedom makes government very, very dangerous to individual liberty.  Our Founding Fathers knew that, which is why they wrote a document (the Constitution) which specified exactly what the federal government can and cannot do.  They feared government and knew that it was the greatest enemy of individual liberty.  Unfortunately, thanks to Abraham Lincoln and a few others of his ilk, it didn't work (read my recent "Village Idiot" post for further explanation of this). 
The point is, it is in government's interest not to let freedom flourish.  If I'm government, I want power, I want to limit freedom.  That's good for me.  But bad for the people's liberty.  The more government, the less liberty for the people; the more liberty for the people, the less government control.  This isn't rocket science; it's common sense, and even more, it's history. 
So, how can it be any surprise that the United States federal government writes a document which defines people who believe in "individual liberty" and who are "suspicious of centralized federal authority" as "terrorists"?  Hahaha.  Are the American people ever going to wake up (no, they aren't) and realize that Washington, D.C., is a classic historical case of governmental power, and that it is the very thing the men who founded America warned about and tried to prevent? 
And rebelled against.
Thomas Jefferson, where are you when we need you so badly?
One more thought along this line; I've made it before on this blog, but I'll include it here for any new readers.  Regarding liberty:  the more that humans control themselves, the less government they need.  If people would conscientiously live according the teachings of Jesus Christ, we wouldn't need government (or very little).  As James Madison said, "if all men were angels, we wouldn't need government."  But this is the major reason why liberals, "progressives", hate religion.  Liberals, "progressives", believe in government as the solution to man's problems (with themselves in control of the government, of course).  The more religious, i.e., "self-governing" people are, the less government they need.  That is, they don't need liberals.  Thus, it has been a major goal of liberalism to destroy Christianity in America.  And in direct proportion to the success they have had, we have seen government grow in the United States.  Remember the Benjamin Franklin quote I posted a few weeks ago:  "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."  Do you think liberals don't know that?  Well, the "intellectuals" do, and that's why they are so vicious in their attacks on Christianity and in their attempts to silence those who truly exalt the teachings of Jesus.  Liberal, I don't need you.  I have a higher Master than you, one a whole lot smarter and wiser, whose ethical standards put yours to shame, and, if they were applied properly, would solve every, single solitary problem America has.  Without you, liberal.  But I know that's why you hate God and Christianity.  Well, there's one more reason.... 

Sometimes words have to be defined to be understood.  "Freedom" is one of those.  To the men who founded America, "freedom" meant the absence of governmental control over the people.  Moral law (God's) does exist, but people should freely choose to obey that law, for the betterment of themselves and respect for other people's rights.  But that's not what the modern liberal means by freedom.  To him, "freedom" means "sex."  That is the only thing liberals don't want government to control--people's right to have as much sex as they want, with any adult they want, and without having any responsibility or consequences.  And if an accident DOES happen (a baby conceived), somebody else's freedom should be limited (taxes) in order to pay to get rid of it.  Otherwise, to the liberal, there is no such thing as freedom.  You have only one course of action--obey to what the liberal tells you to do.

Liberal=government=Department of Homeland Security=hatred of individual liberty...