Is Obama a Socialist or a Fascist?

In a relatively recent post, I indicated that Barack Obama is moving the United States towards fascism, not socialism.  It is very popular, among conservatives, to refer to Obama as a "socialist," and some recent books have broadened the definition of "socialism" so wide as to include almost any intervention of government into the economy.  I've never been comfortable with that because the classical definition of "socialism" is government ownership of the means of production, and Obama is not really pushing for that; he yearns more for government control of private production--leave business in the hands of private enterprise, but have the government order it what to do.  That is fascism, not socialism.  That's Mussolini and Hitler, not Stalin and Mao.

I was pleased to note that, today, Thomas Sowell has published an article about this very thing, entitled "Socialist or Fascist?"  He didn't come right out and call Obama a "fascist," (I didn't, either, though the implication is strong), but if you are interested in reading his article, here is the link:

Keep in mind that Thomas Sowell is a trained economist, so this is not the vision of an ignorant sap, but of an expert in the field.