Current Events Ramblings, February 8

The American Founding Fathers called it tyranny. It's when the government overrides the will of the people and forces something on them that they do not want. The United States government is getting very good at it.

A federal appeals court of three people overturned California's same-sex marriage ban. Three government judges override the will of the people. That’s tyranny. Even the people of California--California!!--have enough sense to know that marriage is between a man and a woman, and not between people of the same sex. The appeals courts said the ban was "unconstitutional." I would very much like for someone to show me anywhere in the Constitution where marriage is even mentioned. The men who wrote that document would never have dreamed that some degenerate "progressive" reprobates would try to utterly overthrow the traditions of history and the law of God--as well as the will of the people. It would never have been considered even as recently as 30 years ago. No, Clint, America is not at "halftime;" America is deep in the fourth quarter, and is losing badly because it continues to hand the ball off to blind, secular elites who respect and honor nothing but their own subjective, decadent morality, to whom the wisdom of the ages and the laws of the Almighty are just so much trash to be trampled upon and rejected as they see fit. The unbounded arrogance of such people would be startling, if it wasn't so disgusting.  Not to mention unbelievably dangerous, for if we allow people with no moral code higher than themselves to run the country, then whatever they perceive to be the best will be bound upon others.  That is the philosophy of Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, and the other atheistic mass murderers of the 20th century, to whom nothing was sacred beyond their own "progressive" revolutionary ideals--as interpreted by themselves.

And, not to be outdone in the tyranny department, it has recently become news that Obama's health care plan will force religious institutions to provide contraceptives and other birth control methods for their employees. The Catholic Church is up in arms about it. But, to Obama and the liberals, all must bow to the state, including God. You see, to liberalism, the state is their god...and abortion is their sacrament. I've talked before of the hatred liberalism has for such traditional institutions as the family and the church, and the decline of both in recent times is a direct consequence of liberal doctrine.  Any institution for which people have a higher allegiance than the state is an enemy of liberalism.  So, destroy modern marriage and undermine religion every chance you get.  It takes time to demolish something as old and well established as the family and religion, but liberals like Obama have made remarkable progress in doing so in the last generation.

It should be noted that, in one sense, the Catholic Church can take some of the blame because of its own policy.  Its schools accept federal money, and when that happens, you open the door to having the feds come in and dictate your actions.  It’s called…tyranny.  If you invite a thief with a gun into your home, don’t be surprised if he takes over and tries to steal everything you have.  But, don’t be too shocked if Obama backs off of this policy and gives some indulgences (pardon the pun) to the Catholic Church.  There are a lot of Catholics in the country (the Muslims oppose his policy, too, and they may have more influence on him than Catholics), but the key here is politics.  If Obama thinks enough Catholics will vote against him, he’ll repeal the policy.  If he thinks he can get away with it, then he’ll force the law down their throats.  It’s called…tyranny, folks.  The whole Obamacare scheme was passed against the will of the majority of the American people.

Oh, for freedom’s sake, we should note that the federal government has no business (or Constitutional authority) in either the health care or education industry.  Stay out of both, and let people make their own choices.  That’s what freedom is about.  But, again, freedom is not what liberals believe in.  Unless it’s the freedom to be as sexually immoral as possible.  That’s one “freedom” they can certainly rejoice in.

Rick Santorum is making a comeback in the Republican presidential race.  At least, he is today.  He has won the primaries in Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado.  The wins in Minnesota and Colorado are a bit surprising, for those states are outside the redneck South.  Once again, the Republican people—not the elites—are letting it be known that Mitt Romney is not their choice.  Of the four remaining candidates, Santorum is the best option.  Newt Gingrich, for all his brilliance, is erratic in his brilliance and untrustworthy.  I used to like Ron Paul, and he might make a good President, but he has no chance, and I’m a little concerned that sometimes he takes his libertarianism too far.  Santorum is not perfect, but then again, only Jesus was.  But get ready now for the mud to fly, as liberals and establishment Republicans both will aim their guns at Rick Santorum.