I Hate Thomas Sowell

In an article he published two days ago, Sowell wrote: 

"Not only does gridlock allow the president to blame Republicans for not solving the financial crisis that his own runaway spending created, the inability to carry out as much government intervention in the economy as when the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress means that the market can now recover on its own to some visible extent before the next election."  (Thomas Sowell, "Gridlock To The Rescue?")

He is exactly right.  If there HAS been any economic recovery this year, it's because Congress hasn't done anything to interfere in the economy!!  And if that continues to happen--gridlock--investors will become more emboldened to spend their money.  They certainly don't want to sit on it forever.  The "do-nothing Congress" that Obama berates is the very thing that might be his salvation in next year's election. 

Sowell goes on to make that very point.  If the economy does improve, the Obama propaganda machine--AKA the "mainstream media"--will fall all over itself giving Obama credit.  There are enough economic ignoramuses in the USA (about 99% of the population) to believe it.  And thus, he might get re-elected.

I don't really hate Thomas Sowell, of course.  He's one of the most brilliant, inciteful writers alive.  I'm just angry because I've been wanting, for weeks, to make the point he made, but (note my earlier post today), I've just been too busy to write about it.  So, since he published first, people are going to think I borrowed from him when actually it was he who was reading my mind....More to the point, great minds think alike....

I knew, when I saw the title of his article, before I even read it, what he was going to say.