Current Event Ramblings, March 28

Thought I'd check in.  I haven't felt very well lately, so I haven't felt like doing a whole lot of writing.  But I'm still alive and things are going well enough over here.  My contract here ends at the end of June; I'd like to get back to the states, and I've sent some resume's over there, but nothing has turned up yet.  I'll stay over here, if necessary.  I like to eat and I need to pay my bills, and the money here is certainly sufficient to do that.  But I still hope I can get back across the ocean.

On the news front, I don't know what we're doing in Libya.  Ghaddafi--or however he spells it--is no threat to anybody but his own people, and if we took out every thug in the world that matched that description, we'd have to bomb half the countries on earth.  Saddam Hussein at least threatened much of our oil supply, which wouldn't have been a problem, either, if the environmentalists would let us drill in Alaska and North Dakota and every place else we control where oil is over abundant.  But, for some reason, we've got to stick our noses into Libya, or scream like we did about Egypt, which, again, was no threat to us.  Maybe Obama is trying to show how tough he is, I don't know.  I wish we would slowly pull all our troops off the world stage and let other countries take care of themselves; we can move fast enough to get troops anywhere we'd need to get them.  We've got an invasion of our own country that we need to stop, and that's where our military emphasis needs to be.

But the Egypt and Libya things are another reason I'm not overly concerned with Islam.  They fight each other more than they do anybody else, and the Arabs have been doing that for thousands of years.  And they'll keep doing it.  A divided Islam is certainly less of a threat than a united one.  And if we'd quit butting into their business, the situation would be even better.

Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman Vice-Presidential candidate, died a couple of days ago.  That gives me a chance to say a word about Sarah Palin.  The liberals hate her guts, of course--one always hates what one fears--and the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only, i.e., establishment, liberal Republicans) don't like her, either.  I think she'd make a pretty good President.  She's got some guts and she believes the right things.  She may not be the greatest intellect in the world, but so what?  Neither was Ronald Reagan, and he was the best president we've had since Calvin Coolidge.  Brains isn't what makes a good President; will and policy are, and Palin is on the mark on both of those things.  I don't think she's got a chance, though.  The Republicans will have a long field of candidates; it's too early to try to sort them all out now.