Cowboys and Arabs

The best thing I've done in a long time is find a place online to publish my western stories.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I have my blogs metered with a couple of "hit meter" sites, and that I've been getting "hits" on my cowboy stories from literally all over the world, as well as the United States.  I also mentioned that the ultimate goal would be for some of those people to go to my Bible blogs, which are, far and away, the most important.  Well, that has been happening.  Some of my cowboy story readers have made their way to my Bible blog, including one of my readers from the United Arab Emirates.  I do not know, and have know way of knowing, if that fellow is Arab or not.  There's also somebody in India who's read some, maybe all, of my westerns, and he's been on my Bible blog, as well as a couple of people here in Korea, somebody in New Zealand...these are people who probably would never have found my Bible blogs if it hadn't been for my westerns.  The Lord does move in mysterious ways.  I also have no idea how much good is being done with these Bible blogs hits, but all I can do is publish the material and let come what may.  We can only pray for God to be glorified.  The Internet is certainly a wonderful thing and Jehovah can use all sorts of things to accomplish His will.  I've often wondered, since I've been in Korea, why He sent me here.  Well, maybe He did so I could publish my westerns.  Who knows?  I've got a pretty good following with these westerns, that is, several people have read most or all of them, and I get new readers all the time.  So I reckon I best keep writing them, and publishing Bible material for them to read as well.