Brown's Victory In Massachusetts

The tremendous upset by Republican Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race Tuesday has been analyzed backwards and forwards by pundits all over the country.  I doubt I can say anything that others haven't already said, but I do want to throw in my two cents.

1.  It was, frankly, incredible.  That was Massachusetts, folks, probably the most liberal state in the Union.  And it was Teddy Kennedy's former seat, perhaps the most liberal Senator in Congress while he was alive.  That deep blue state Massachusetts would elect a Republican was a serious slap in the face to the Democrats.

2.  Yes, this was a defeat for Barak Obama.  His attempt to blame it on George Bush is laughable and indicates the matchless narcissism this man has.  He better wake up.  Mr. Obama has accomplished nothing of any substantial worth in his first year in office and the people of the Bay State were telling him so.  We are still embroiled in two wars overseas, with no end in sight to either.  Obama has increased the national debt by a staggering amount, and the people of America realize, whether the President and Congress do or not, that a country cannot pile up debt forever.  This vote further was a rejection of the convoluted, complex, and unworkable health care bill slithering its way through Capital Hill.  That current--thing--in Congress is a maze of bureucratic lawyereze, full of pork and buyouts to Congressmen to get their votes.  It hasn't fooled anybody, well, not anyone with any understanding.  Obama has done nothing to help the economy; the unemployment rate has gone up, foreclosures are skyrocketing with no end in sight, and people are scared to death and have no confidence in the direction Obama and Democrats are taking the nation.  Simply put, Mr. Obama's first year has been--at least according to the vote Tuesday--an unmitigated failure.  Even The People's Republic of Massachusetts recognizes it and wants...change.

3.  Scott Brown's victory was also a serious shot across the bow of the Democratic party as a whole.  They have controlled both Houses of Congress now since 2006, and have increased the national debt substantially, not improved the economy, and given every indication of utter confusion and lack of direction.  Can anyone name me one good thing the Democratic Congress has done since it came to power?  The fiscal irresponsibility in Washington, D.C. right now is truly, truly amazing; the United States Congress, if somebody doesn't do something in a hurry (and it's probably already too late) is going to destroy this country economically by drowning us in an inescapable debt which will make our currency worthless on the world market and could very possibly send us into hyperinflation.  Frankly, if you stop and think about it, it's incredible how utterly reckless, rash, and economically irresponsible that body has been; it boggles the mind.  They are supposed to be leading this country and they give no indication that they have a clue how to do it.  It's almost like those 535 people are living in a completely different world, totally out of touch with the reality that every day Americans must deal with each day of their lives.  The American people want something done, but they want it done right, and the Democratic Congress's effort to ram a health care bill through that hardly anybody has read and will cost at least a trillion dollars does not encourage a lot of confidence in that august body, to say the least.  And the people of Massachusetts just told them so.  The Bay State rejected its own party--and that ain't hay, folks.

4.  But, the Tuesday debacle was not necessarily a total disaster for the Democrats.  The people of this country are forgiving, and tend to have short memories.  It's not a given that the Democrats will lose either house of Congress this fall, and they could retain substantial majorities--if they start doing the right thing, i.e., show some restraint, caution, intelligent deliberation, and fiscal responsibility.  Action, Mr. Obama, not talk.  Shut up, get off the television, and do something.  Something like minding your own business and letting the American people run their own affairs, which they know how to do a whole lot better than you and Nancy Pelosi.  In other words, Mr. Obama and Congress, truly convince us that you know what you are doing and have the best interests of this nation in mind.  But so far, Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid have given absolutely no indication that they have an inkling of the virtue, frugality, and wisdom necessary to guide the United States of America along a proper course.  And unless the American people stop them, the Democrats in Congress will sail the Ship of State right off the edge of the earth.